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About  The Norwegian Addison Assosiation 

 The Norwegian Addison Assosiation was founded on the  11th  of August 1989.

The  main goals are:: 

  1. Give information and advice on the following diseases: morbus addison, cushing syndrom, hypopituitarism, acromegaly and adrenogenital syndrom (AGS)
  2. Work for a participation for disabled in a society based on equal rights. Work against all kinds of discrimination of disabled people and claim recognition of all mens equality, equal rights and equal possibilities.
  3.  Perform peer support  for our members. (person with a disease who helps other people who has the same disease)
  4.   Administer a fund for research and  development.

 Fore the time beeing there is about 750 memers in the assosiation.

Our address is:

Morbus Addison Forening
Postboks 152,
4302 Sandnes



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